CQ industrial design supports goals GUTTS

The first climate neutral rally team driving on Bio ethanol starts in Rallyclinic Dutch Open. GUTTS wants to be platform for sustainable auto- and motorsport.

GUTTS has started! The platform for, was on the 16th of June present at the Vechtdal Rally sprint in Hardenberg. Edward en Dennis Goossens started their first race in their for bio ethanol prepared BMW 325i. This first result for GUTTS was a very successful one a 12th place in their classification no damage and no time penalty. A debut where all the goals were achieved for 100%.

GUTTS want’s to initiate, stimulate and facilitate sustainable auto- and motorsport. Besides Edward and Dennis Goossens participating in the Ralyclinic Dutch Open, the motordriver Henno van Bergeijk will start driving for GUTTS on it’s Yamaha WR 450.