Design meets success

CQ industrial design is allready for sometime sucessfully active in China. After we started up our first projects more than a year ago more and more manufacturers got fermiliar with the services of CQ industrial design. 

Several manufacturers in Guangdong in the south of China are cooperating with CQ in the development of new products. In different product fields CQ works with solid partners for the development of products as VOIP telephones, biometric systems, outdoor kitchens and more.

A realisation of mutual interest. CQ industrial design supports manufacturers on a conceptual level and often in engineering and coordination toproduction. This solid network of suppliers and manufacturers is also used for production of products for several of our European customers. Customers that haven't got production facilities of their own.

Besides these international projects CQ is developing their own products. Because of the concentration of all these activities in China CQ industrial design has taken the expansion of an office in Guangdong province into consideration. To be continued...