From Fresh wheels to a sea breeze!

Thank you for your contribution! This is the slogan of all climate campaigns of the World Wildlife Foundation.

This is also what the potential buyer of a new ‘environment friendly’ car heard last winter and will hear more in 2007/2008. Through different types of media as television and radio and also in the showroom of the selected automotive brands this message has appeared and will appear again.

This introduction campaign had such strong results and was very successful. The follow up campaign is now being developed and will introduced very soon. Information about the looks and feels is coming up very soon.

Because of the fresh approach of CQ we are asked by WWF contribute in a new campaign ‘Life in Sea’! This campaign focusses on the awareness of buying ‘good’ fish in restaurants, supermarkets and at fish retailers. We are getting prepared to give a nice physical twist to this campaign.

We keep you posted in meantime/