Good Industrial Design Award for CQ


Good Industrial Design’, the only design hallmark in the Netherlands, a challenge and also indicator at national level. This autumn the GIO-awards were handed over to products which testify skills of both, designer and client. With this recognition, these designs distinguish themselves compared to others.


Already a year and a half ago Bureau CQ was asked to create a new design for Pergamano’s tool set. As from the introduction in 1987, this company has focused on the development and market reputation of parchment performing as a hobby. After a successful start it has developed itself into an international distributor of parchment utensils. Already represented in more then 25 countries.

After using the same tools for approximately twenty years it became time for a complete redesign of the existing tools.


An intensive development process was started with Pergamano and the manufacturer of the tools. The first part of the process where design, colors and material were defined, resulted in a number of strong concepts. With involvement of end-users, producers and marketing agents, a choice out of these concepts was made. Hereafter the development from the concept to the definite product started.

All aspects like, complexity of production, good ergonomic proportions, styling and use of materials have been founded and applied during the development process. This approach in combination with a qualitative high and fancy result was all reason to provide the recognition `Good
Industrial Design' in the category consumer products to Bureau CQ.