new range of table chef's

 for Princess

The famous classic, the Table Chef of Princess, is given a modern makeover by CQ.

Upgrading a product that has been an icon for years, does that require small adjustments or a completely renewed design? Based on Princess’ wishes CQ found the right solution in a combination of both.
The new design (or actually, better said: designs) consists the same features as the previous Table Chef, but its previous design is optimized to achieve a more cost efficient and production-friendly design. Completely new is the decision to design three different versions; each with its own characteristics. Much attention is given to different materials in combination with the right production techniques: there’s even a bamboo version! The different versions together form a complete collection, for different segments: low-end, midrange and high-end. 'Tradition to your own taste’, that quote is the basis of the renewed series Table Chef’s.

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