technical innovation for mojo barriers


For Mojo Barriers’ new design, CQ took inspiration from the environment in which the Barriers are used: a light, stable, less robust and transparent design, totally in line with the open and free atmosphere and appearance of big events.
The initial question was to make the product lighter in weight and more cost efficient.
After a year-round redevelopment of each individual, this demand is fulfilled. The retractable Mojo Barriers are lighter, cheaper, stronger and flatter and therefore they can be optimally loaded.
CQ paid much attention, not only to the environment, but also to the people who work with the Barriers, which has contributed to the good functional and ergonomic design. Practical – the rapid folding technique, pleasant – the addition of sound-insulating plastic caps on the Barriers for less impact of sound. The new Mojo Barriers were used for the first time at Madonna’s concert in Istanbul in 2012.