Our journey started after our company's anniversary celebration in 2015. It was a hot summer evening and we roamed the Dutch canals on a small boat. We enjoyed ourselves with an abundance of drinks and snacks. As the evening turned into night, The night turned into a brainstorm. Hungry as we were we realized that we were missing a small BBQ that we could bring back on our bikes on our way home. 

Being a creative bunch of hungry designers we set our mind to get the problem solved before next years dinner. 

The goal seemed simple. We wanted to have a portable gas bbq that is easy to use, safe and nice to look at. After a long journey of designing, shaping, engineering and testing, we finally got the work done. We delivered the first real portable gas bbq that is lightweight, foldable while it has two individual and adjustable burners. 

A year after the idea was born we tested our our first prototype. This time on the beach among an enthusiastic crowd of followers. 

We named it NomadiQ. Relating it to the life of a nomad who is moving from place to place as a lifestyle for obtaining food. 

With less than 6kg (13lbs) and compact size you can be nomadic everywhere you imagine. In the park, at the beach, while fishing hunting or gathering for other sources of food, during a road trip or in your RV. It's easy to store and can be used on your dinner table while staying at home. To ensure portability it connect to a 1lb cylinder that provides over 2 hours of grilling experience. 

It comes with a carrying belt, drip trays and the right connection for the gas source that is available in your local stores. 

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CQ International designs, develops and delivers unique products with technical innovations. We've been doing this for more than 20 years for international brands and ourselves. The NomadiQ BBQ, accessories and it's brand name is one of CQ's own developments. Our company is the sole distributer of this product and owns the IP rights, patents and trademarks.

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NomadiQ in action


NomadiQ explained

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The Nomadiq is available worldwide. But every region in the world has its own availability on gas canisters. Basically there are two types of fuel. A mix of IsoButane (propane and  butane mix) or solely a Butane. This resulted that there are two different versions. But don't worry. There are many accessories to hook up your BBQ if you bring it abroad. 

Our product is awesome to use, and we have been taking all the necessities that everybody has a safe experience. While being outdoors or just enjoying the life in your garden or at friends.  Various counties have different safety standards and we customized the product to meet ALL these requirements and regulations. 



There's a wide range of accessories available to customize your Nomadiq. Have a look at the options...

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Our products and its accessories are already being nomadic in many places in the world. But we are still offering business opportunities to join us on our journey.



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